How To Send Songs Through Whatsapp on iPhone/iPod/iPad

This is the very first Tutorial of this Blog.
Heres How-to send songs from any IOS Device through Whatsapp.
(No Jailbreak required for this trick)

Step 1: You`ll need Whatsapp & any other app that supports "Open-in" menu, (here I am using Downloads lite)
Downloads lite & Whatsapp
Step 2: Download any song you want from the internet on the Downloads lite app.
Play the Song and tap the "Open-in" Menu, and then tap the "Open in Whatsapp"
Open-in Menu

Step 3: Choose any Contact to whom you want to send.
Whatsapp Contacts
Step 4: There you go folks, this is how you can send a song from Whatsapp on IOS-Devices.